WR Global High School

WR Global High School is a private high school located in Kampala, Uganda. We are an accredited and inspected Canadian private high school by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Furthermore, we offer the Ontario high school curriculum from grade 9 to grade 12.

Exclusive Partnership With Kanata Academy International (KAI)

We have partnered with Kanata Academy International (KAI) exclusively to offer the OSSD program for the East African region.

Kanata Academy International is a high school in Canada providing a global education accessible to students across the globe in an online and blended learning format. It is dedicated to providing students with comprehensive education ensuring academic achievement along with holistic development, preparing students for the challenges of the real ever-changing world by nurturing students with different learning styles with our unique and progressive educational model.

Kanata Academy International's OSSD program for International Students

Why WR Global High School

We equip and empower students to reach their full potential through the highest academic standards, the facilities and equipment for art, music and sports, social integration and special attention to each student. We make sure students grow emotionally and personally as confident, healthy and happy individuals ready for their future. We are proud to have been a part of our students’ journeys towards the top educational institutions.

COURSESWorld-class Education At Your Fingertips!

Grade 9

Establishing a Strong Foundation in the First Year of High School.

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Grade 12

Complete University or College Preparation courses to prepare for the admission requirements to a specific pathway.

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Grade 10

Bringing together theory and practice, honing skills like critical thinking and problem-solving.

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Confidently communicate in an academic setting and quickly adapt to a new environment – for students where English is a second language.

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Grade 11

Focus on your interest with the introduction of Essential Courses to prepare for University and College.

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Improve General English skills and prepare for important tests for universities like IELTS and TOEFL and Business English.

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The Ontario Secondary School Diploma is amongst the best curricula globally; highly rated by prestigious post-secondary institutions, making it an exceptional sought-after education model.



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